Eivind Søreng Molvær (1983)
Selected uncommisioned work

Senior designer at Netlife Research 

Basketball Flag (2015)

Hard enamel pin, available from Valley Cruise Press
Photo by Thomas Ekström

Fresh Prints of Bel Air (2015)

Prints inspired by (and stolen from) 90’s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Available for purchase from Society 6

The Italic Poster (2007)

Silkscreen on ivory Colourplan
Get it from Kollekted By 
Photo by Michaela Klouda

12 hour drawing (2007)

Watch a timelapse of the full 12 hours here, shot by Mona Ødegård

Purely Decorative (2009)

Print inspired by Phil Baines’ typeface «You Can Read Me», which reduces letterforms to its bare minimum. I removed all the letterforms from a set of floral drop caps, leaving only the superflous